Enhance and Web Debugging in DevTools

Enhance and Web Debugging in DevTools


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What to Expect This Week

  • Another week, another new JavaScript framework, Enhance, with a focus on web components and “using the platform” instead of miles of tooling. @jlengstorf has a quick run down of the highlights and why it’s compelling.
  • Just last week we discussed how it was hard to use and debug higher level frameworks like React in Chrome DevTools. Turns out Chrome just rolled out some improvements for debugging modern websites that will make this far easier.
  • The creator of Node asked Oracle to release the JavaScript trademark. Devs may not realize when their favorite tools (like Jamstack) are trademarked. What are the implications? (Warning: IANAL)
  • Even rockstars will tell you that devs are the new rockstars, but what impact has the changing economic environment been on making it easier or harder to break into the ecosystem?

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