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Audience led conversations about site speed, web performance, Jamstack and the future of the Web. Anything JavaScript goes.

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What is JavaScript Jam Live

We are a community of JavaScript enthusiasts, developers, and professionals dedicated to sharing knowledge, resources, and the latest news about the world's most popular programming language.

Our team is made up of experienced developers and industry experts who are passionate about helping others learn and grow in the field of web development. We believe that JavaScript has the power to change the world, and we are committed to sharing our knowledge and resources with the wider community.

Whether you're just starting out with JavaScript or you're a seasoned pro, we have something for everyone. Follow us for updates on our events, workshops, and other educational resources, as well as the latest news and trends in the world of JavaScript.

Join us on our journey to become the go-to destination for all things JavaScript, and let's build a better future together!

Join us live on Twitter Spaces every Wednesday at 12pm PST.

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