Hacktoberfest and Qwik Beta Release

Hacktoberfest and Qwik Beta Release


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What to Expect This Week

  • October is just around the corner, which means it’s JIT (just-in-time…programmer humor) to prepare for Hacktoberfest, an annual online event that encourages participation in open source. GitHub developer advocates Brian Douglas and Rizèl Scarlett will help walk us through what Hacktoberfest is and how to participate.
  • Now it feels like a real relationship. “React I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down” is the tortured love letter to React that captures both the thrill and frustrations developers currently feel with the framework. Let’s unpack the details and see if we can get these two back together.
  • Qwik, a superfast next generation framework from the creator of AngularJS, officially reached beta status. We’ll cover what makes Qwik so fast and how it’s different from other frameworks. Now who’s ready to use it in production?

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