Next.js and Jamstack Conferences in 2022

Next.js and Jamstack Conferences in 2022


A podcast for frontend and full-stack developers. All things site speed, #webperf, #Jamstack, and the future of the Web. Our newsletter serves as a weekly roundup of events, news, and resources.

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Last Week on JavaScript Jam

We spoke with Craig Kerstien’s, one of Heroku’s first project managers. He provides insight into Heroku’s early days and where they could be heading now.

What to Expect This Week

  • It’s fall! Which means pumpkin spiced everything and conference season, including the popular Next.js and Jamstack conferences. Let’s discuss the conferences we’re looking forward to this season and what we’re expecting from these headline conferences.
  • Facebook / Meta released a new open source tool called MemLab that helps find memory leaks in JavaScript applications. Since JavaScript tries to manage memory for you, the topic of memory leaks might be foriegn to many front end devs. Let’s review what memory leaks are, how they arise in JavaScript applications, and how MemLab helps you find them.
  • Two of the hottest languages continued to rack up the social proof points: Azure’s CTO declared that Rust should replace C/C++ in all apps going forward, and a recent developer survey showed TypeScript overtaking it’s older brother JavaScript. Tell us if you’ve jumped on either language hype train or not and why.

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