RenderATL Special Memorial Day Edition

RenderATL Special Memorial Day Edition


RenderATL is a community-oriented conference in Atlanta, Georgia, focused on JavaScript libraries like React. It aims to provide a platform for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, with a special focus on promoting cultural diversity.

If you've been following JavaScript Jam over the last few months you've seen our collaborations with React Miami and Remix Conf. This event will conclude our summer edition of tech conference collaborations. Stay tuned to see what conferences we'll be working with later this year!

Why Should You Go to RenderATL?

RenderATL is one of the largest JavaScript conference in the Southern United States. It aims to showcase Atlanta as a thriving hub for technology and innovation, with a specific focus on inclusivity and diversity. Here are five reasons why you should attend:

  1. Networking Opportunities: RenderATL brings together a diverse crowd of professionals, including leading software engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs. Attending the conference provides a unique opportunity to meet, learn from, and collaborate with others in the industry. Networking with peers could open doors to job opportunities, partnerships, and knowledge sharing.
  2. Learning from Experts: The conference features keynotes, workshops, and panel discussions led by some of the top minds in the JavaScript and broader web development community. This is a chance to learn directly from the experts, pick up new skills, and gain insights into the latest trends and best practices in the industry.
  3. Hands-On Experience: RenderATL is not just about listening to talks. It also offers hands-on workshops and coding sessions where developers can put what they learn into practice. These interactive sessions can deepen understanding and competence in different JavaScript frameworks and tools.
  4. Exploring Innovative Technologies: The conference showcases the latest in JavaScript and related technologies. Developers can gain first-hand exposure to cutting-edge tools, techniques, and frameworks, which they can then incorporate into their own projects.
  5. Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: RenderATL has a strong focus on fostering diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. By attending, developers can support this mission and contribute to creating a more inclusive tech community. Plus, they can learn from a broader range of perspectives, which can inspire innovative thinking.

Overall, RenderATL can be an enriching experience that boosts a developer's skills, expands their professional network, and broadens their perspectives. Check out the recap from Render ATL 2022 below:

Get Your Tickets

Each ticket includes access to:

  • Complimentary Workshop Access (first 1000 ticket holders)
  • Access to the Kaytranada concert on June 2
  • All stages, keynotes, tracks, and Q&A sessions
  • Access to the sponsor exhibition & jobs halls
  • Official RenderATL LAN Parties (conference afterparties)
  • RenderATL 2023 Swagg Bag & T-Shirt
  • Food credits to use with our food vendors in the Render Cafe


Check out the following links to learn more about the conference and satellite events: