Docusaurus 3.0

Docusaurus 3.0


Meta Open Source unveils Docusaurus 3.0, a new major release that streamlines the creation of premier documentation websites.

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Docusaurus 3.0

Meta Open Source has unveiled Docusaurus 3.0, a new major release that streamlines the creation of premier documentation websites. One of the most salient features of this release is its array of new capabilities and dependency updates. Sites of a simpler nature may only require updates to a handful of dependencies, but there are some breaking changes to take note of. See the v3 upgrade guide for users for a comprehensive list of breaking changes.

The transitions from Node.js v16 to v18, React v17 to v18, and MDX v1 to v3 all emerge as central challenges for those looking to adopt Docusaurus v3. The good news is that the majority of breaking changes arise from updates addressed internally. However, users with complex sites should consider the official recommendations in the upgrade guide such as visual regression tests.

React 18's inclusion in Docusaurus 3.0 paves the way for a phased adoption of capabilities such as build-time React Server Components. The platform has also broadened its horizons by extending support to ES Modules, TypeScript configuration files, and TypeScript 5.0. Users can also anticipate a more enriched visual experience, thanks to the enhancements in code block syntax highlighting.

A slew of other enhancements pepper this release including the ability to render a new spectrum of diagram types with Mermaid v10, the addition of normalized SEO front matter support, the integration of query-string data attributes, and the roll-out of various new ESLint rules. With the core infrastructure updated, the Docusaurus team is gearing up to release even more user-centric documentation features in the upcoming minor versions.

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