Node and V8 on the JVM with Javet

Node and V8 on the JVM with Javet


Java officially supports Node and V8 so your JavaScript code can now run in the JVM!

No JSJam Live This Week

We'll be scaling back our weekly Twitter Spaces to twice a month for the foreseeable future so there will not be any JS Jam Live this week. However, you can listen to last week's conversation with Rishi Raj Jain, Bronifty, Sabin Adams, and Tobiloba right here.

Story of the Week

Embed Node and V8 into the JVM with Javet

Java always claimed that with the JVM you could, "write once, run anywhere." This was a dubious proposition for most of its lifetime. But now that the JVM officially supports Node and V8, this vision is finally a reality! That's right, your JavaScript code can now run in a JVM!

Who knows, it might even run on a JVM Lambda Handler! You'll need to account for the 15 second cold start but this incredible milestone ensures that no developer with ever again be tasked with the unreasonable and cruel assignment of having to write Java code.

Podcasts of the Week

One More Thing

If you're like me and have heard of React Forget but mostly just smile and nod whenever it's brought up, this video will give you a good overview of what it means for the future of React.

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