SolidJS 1.8 - Bifröst

SolidJS 1.8 - Bifröst


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This week on JavaScript Jam Live is another open mic, join us to discuss the JavaScript news of the week. Last week we were joined by Todd Libby to discuss his upcoming talk about deceptive patterns and FAST.

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SolidJS 1.8 - Bifröst

The latest release from SolidJS emphasizes strengthening foundational elements rather than introducing new features. As the transition from SolidJS 1.x to 2.0 is underway, the team has unveiled their new reactive experiments under @solidjs/signals. This update targets advancing projects like SolidStart by refining core components, notably Async and Resources.

  • Serialization, bridging server-client interactions, received significant attention.
    • Insights from Google Chrome Aurora-backed benchmarks have informed these changes, with a shift towards a more flexible and generic serialization approach, largely credited to @lxsmnsyc.
    • This new approach offers deeper de-duplication of serialized data, benefiting features like Islands and recursive structures.
  • Hydration enhancements in Solid 1.8 focus on resolving historical issues, such as element duplication.
    • The update ensures the DOM's consistency during hydration, even amidst streaming interruptions.
    • Additionally, performance optimizations minimize redundant attribute or prop settings during hydration.
  • On the template front, SolidJS continues its trajectory of compactness initiated in 1.7.
    • The 1.8 release, with contributions from @intrnl, removes unnecessary quotes, leading to more concise templates.

In essence, while this release may not boast a plethora of new features, it fortifies the foundational structure of SolidJS, promising improved efficiency and performance for future iterations.

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