Vite Conf and What the Framework

Vite Conf and What the Framework


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Last Week on JavaScript Jam

  • Catch the recording here.
  • The teams at Supabase and Snaplet released an open source PostgreSQL Server that runs in the browser called postgres-wasm and Peter Pistorius joined to explain how they did it and why it matters.
  • The 2022 edition of the Web Almanac was released and we wrote a deep dive on the report in the JavaScript Chapter specifically. Here's a brief summary of the most important points we outlined:
    • In 2022, JavaScript's usage grew, but unused scripts constituted 35% of all loaded scripts, suggesting potential for optimization.
    • Tools like webpack and Babel are common for JavaScript processing, but inefficient use can affect performance.
    • Asynchronous JavaScript requests are used in 76% of mobile pages, but underused performance features are noted.
    • Despite JavaScript's popularity, only 34% of pages use the superior compression method, Brotli.
    • Web development primarily employs libraries like jQuery and core-js, and while 57% of mobile pages have JavaScript vulnerabilities, the figure is dropping.
    • The adoption of web components and shadow DOM is slow.
    • Developers are advised to manage scripts efficiently and update dependencies regularly for safety.

What to Expect This Week

  • We’ll be going live five hours into the first day of ViteConf, which has a truly impressive line up of who’s who in JavaScript tooling and frameworks. We’ll discuss the talks so far and what we’re looking forward to for the rest of the conference.
  • Speaking of frameworks, Salma Alam-Naylor created, a simple site with the lofty goal of picking the framework for your next project. Despite it seeming like every week there’s a hot new JavaScript framework, she argues the ecosystem has less options than you might think. Let’s review the site’s recommendations and if our audience agrees with them.
  • Filip Rakowski of Vue Storefront, turned us onto this relatively short but helpful guide on how browsers work. We’ll walk through the key concepts and why its essential knowledge for understanding and solving performance bottlenecks.

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