View Transitions and the Jamstack 2022 Survey Results

View Transitions and the Jamstack 2022 Survey Results


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What To Expect This Week

  • The new View Transitions API (previously known as Shared Element Transitions) continues to get increased interest. The new API promises web apps that feel like single page apps (SPAs) but built on the more traditional architecture of multi-page apps (MPA). This week there was a compelling demo using Astro and Chris Coyier (creator of CSS Tricks) also did a write up declaring it “FLIPping cool”. We’ll discuss the potential of this API and how it might rewrite the JavaScript and web app framework landscape.
  • The results of the 2022 Jamstack Community Survey were released at last week’s Jamstack conference. We’ll retrospect on the conference itself as well as dive into some of the surprising insights from the survey.

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