Live from RenderATL and RedwoodJS Goes All In On RSC

Live from RenderATL and RedwoodJS Goes All In On RSC


JavaScript Jam Live on Wednesday

Today on JavaScript Jam Live, we'll be coming at you LIVE from RenderATL. We'll be talking with speakers and attendees and hearing all about why you messed up by not convincing your boss to pay for you to go to this amazing event!

Last week on JavaScript Jam Live, we discussed the State of Node.js Performance 2023 and the newest release of Bun which included the Bun Bundler for bundling Bun Buns! We also released our podcast interview with Christoph Nakazawa, CEO of Nakazawa Tech, to discuss his new video game Athena Crisis.

Story of the Week

RedwoodJS Goes All In on React Server Components

RedwoodJS, a full-stack JS/TS web framework, is set to introduce React Server Components (RSC) to overcome its historic lack of server-side rendering and the downsides of single page applications. The first release to feature RSC will be RedwoodJS Bighorn, marking a significant shift in Redwood's architecture.

Additionally, the inaugural RedwoodJS Conference has been announced for September 26-29 in Grant’s Pass, Oregon. The team decided to transition from Jamstack-optimized SPAs to a serverful-first™, full-stack React framework for several reasons. These include:

  • The need for robust SEO performance and Open Graph (OG) tags which RSC can facilitate.
  • The complexities of implementing a secure and performant GraphQL API that RSC can simplify.
  • The performance issues in a Jamstack environment that RSC can address.
  • RSC also allows more direct and transparent data fetching from third-party services.

The article stresses that implementing RSC is a considerable task, but it's an opportunity to influence the future of React technology and position Redwood as the premier, open-source, full-stack React framework for web app projects. More features are planned for the Bighorn release, and the community is encouraged to engage in forums or the upcoming conference.

Composability Summit

In this Composability Summit talk, Buying Time, Theo Browne talks about technical decision making, comparison of meta-frameworks, and modular building. He discusses lessons learned and the costs associated with the process.

Podcasts of the Week

Two* More Things

You thought we were done talking about React Server Components?! NOPE! We're never done talking about React Server Components!! Here's two videos all about React Server Components. How many times do you think I can say React Server Components in one newsletter? One more time? REACT SERVER COMPONENTS!

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