Signals, ChatGPT for Programming, and WordPress Perf

Signals, ChatGPT for Programming, and WordPress Perf


Tune In This Wednesday

This week we'll be having another open mic to discuss the JavaScript news of the week and why you should have FOMO over Signals. Whether you're an expert or total beginner, join us to talk about all the developments in JavaScript.

Last week we had a marathon two hour session with Dan Shappir from JavaScript Jabber about a huge range of topics including performance, hydration, and the landscape of modern frameworks. Special thanks to Miško Hevery and Theo Browne as well for making an appearance.


What's the Deal with Signals?

The JavaScript world was abuzz these last few weeks with conversations around Signals. If you're wondering, "What the heck are Signals," then you can get a primer on the concept from Signia's documentation.

Once you've gotten the basics down you'll want to check out three articles that Ryan Carniato released recently, The Evolution of Signals in JavaScript, React vs Signals: 10 Years Later, and Making the Case for Signals in JavaScript.

Ryan has done more to help popularize the concept of signals than anyone else, even going as far as calling himself the "CEO of Signals" and in the past providing a tongue-in-cheek Twitter profile reminding people that he didn't actually invent the concept.

You Don't Need a Build Step

Last week we highlighted Julia Evan's article about writing JavaScript code without using a build system. This week we have another take from the Deno team. The article gives a history of build tooling in JavaScript, the problems that they have lead to, and how Deno can help mitigate complex builds.

ChatGPT use case examples for programming

You've likely heard about the coming conversational AI apocalypse that's going to take your job, ruin democracy, and then kill all humans. Personally I don't think it's quite that dire (yet) and developers should actually embrace our new robot overlords. This article gives a good review of how programmers can get a lift from ChatGPT.

WordPress 2023 Performance Roadmap

WordPress and performance are not two terms that you usually hear together, but the team recently put out a roadmap that covers their plans for how to make performance a priority for WordPress websites. (Hat tip to Henri Helvetica for the share.)

Composability Summit

This week we're highlighting How to View and React without a Head, from Storyblok Developer Advocate Facundo Giuliani. He discusses the key features of any Headless CMS and how we can integrate a headless platform into our React applications.


One More Thing

The man, the legend, the OG web development, JavaScript content creator Brad Traversy has released his annual guide to getting into web development in 2023. As with his previous videos in this series, as a beginner it can seem overwhelming.

But keep in mind you don't need to learn everything in this video at once. Start at the beginning and just learn the essentials without worrying about the advanced material. And for the seasoned pro, you can get a sense for what important trends are upcoming and how to stay at the top of your field.