Million.js Twitter Space and New JSJam Podcast Website

Million.js Twitter Space and New JSJam Podcast Website


We've got a slightly abridged version of the newsletter this week due to the American holiday, but we encourage everyone to continue on reading to the next section and join us for today's Twitter Space with the team behind Million.js.

Please note that we'll be going live a half hour earlier than usual (11:30am PT instead of 12:00pm PT) to accommodate a time scheduling conflict with one of the guests.

JavaScript Jam Live on Wednesday

This week, we'll be joined (a half hour earlier than usual) by the Million.js team to discuss the new framework and why it's so dang fast despite using a VDOM. To learn more about the up and coming framework, you can check out our recent podcast recording with Aiden Bai and Tobiloba Adedeji:

Last week, we discussed the release of Svelte 4, the new direction of the Eleventy static site generator, and RedwoodJS going all in on React Server Components. You can check out the recording on our newly revamped Transistor page or listen to the social share link here:

Svelte 4 and the Next Phase of Eleventy

Podcasts of the Week

One More Thing

We fell a bit behind on uploading previous recordings of our Twitter Spaces in June due to conference season burnout, changes behind the scenes on the JSJam team, and general chaos/mayhem over on the Twitter platform. But we're now totally up to date and you can listen to the previous month's Spaces below:

Hydrated Trees vs Resumable Maps, TS 5.1, and Jetpack AI

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Discussing Sailsconf 2023

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Live at RenderATL

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