Val Town with Steve Krouse

Val Town with Steve Krouse


JSJam Live, Wednesday at 12pm PT

Join us this week for another open mic to discuss all the JavaScript news of the week. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, we'd love to see you there! Last week we had Dev Agrawal join us to talk all about Clerk and of course we got in a few conversations about AI cause I just can't help myself.

Story of the Week

Have you ever wanted a social network built around easily shareable and runnable code snippets? If so, Val Town is just the project for you! Creator, Steve Krouse, joined the show to give a demonstration of Val Town, how it works, and what you can do with it.

It's a fascinating and unique project that I highly recommend you check out and see what kind of use cases you can find for it.

Podcasts of the Week

One More Thing

Do you want a library that does all the stuff that JavaScript does but tricks you into thinking you're actually writing HTML? Then HTMX is for you!!! HTMX is an open-source JavaScript library that allows you to access AJAX, WebSockets, Server Sent Events, and other dynamic elements directly from HTML, without (seemingly) needing to write any JavaScript.

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