JavaScrip Jam Weekly

JavaScrip Jam Weekly


Tune In This Wednesday

  • Tune in this Wednesday at 12pm PT on Twitter Spaces. We’ll be continuing our usual open mic format which means the conversation will be driven by you. Feel free to discuss the news this week in JavaScript (below) or anything on your mind web development related.

In case you missed last week

  • We discussed 2022 in web development, including the recent layoffs and macroeconomic environment.

JavaScript News & Resources

Lee Robinson from Vercel makes the case in Why You Should Use a React Framework for React frameworks (or more popularly known as meta-frameworks). He emphasizes Next.js but I think many of the points in this article extend to other projects like RedwoodJS, create-t3-app, and Remix including:

  • Keeping up with the evolution of React
  • Saving time by removing the need to connect tools
  • Easier onboarding for team members, especially newer developers
  • Opinions prevent bikeshedding
  • Deploy to different providers across serverless, containers, and virtual machines

In 10 AMAZING Conferences for JavaScript Developers in 2023, James Q Quick gives an overview of various conferences this year mostly focusing on conferences about web development, open source, JavaScript, React, and Jamstack.

The API testing client HTTPie has added an API assistant called HTTPie AI. In an announcement from Jakub Roztocil and Ivan Mironchik, they explain how it enables developers to create API requests using human language. I recently discovered you could pull off a similar trick by asking Warp to write a GraphQL query.

In 2022 Year In Review, Evan You reflects on the important milestones achieved this year around Vue, Vite, and the large number of adjacent projects such as Next, Vuetify, and Quasar. He also highlights plans around the up and coming Vapor Mode, an alternative compilation strategy inspired by SolidJS. It aims to be more performant and less memory intensive while shipping a smaller runtime, making Solid a natural choice to emulate.

The 6 JavaScript Projects to watch in 2023 is a look ahead by Jacob Jackson (AKA AsyncBanana) to the JavaScript projects he believes will be worth following in 2023 including Turborepo, Tauri, Bun, Remix, Turbopack, and Astro.

Here's a fun project called Component Party which is for everyone who has wished there was a resource that included 11 examples of JavaScript component frameworks showing how to perform common component-like things such as adding a click event. I can't be the only one who wanted that, right?

Lastly, a fairly new project was shared around called Evershop which heavily evokes RedwoodJS and Hydrogen for me. It combines a unique blend of fullstack React and GraphQL tooling with opinions and features optimized for e-commerce sites like themes and first class Stripe integrations. Check out the documentation and GitHub repository.

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