2022 Retrospectives and 2023 Predictions

2022 Retrospectives and 2023 Predictions


A podcast for frontend and full-stack developers. All things site speed, #webperf, #Jamstack, and the future of the Web. Our newsletter serves as a weekly roundup of events, news, and resources.

What To Expect This Week

Happy New Year! This week our Twitter Space returns at its normal time (Wed 12pm PST) and its normal open mic format which means the conversation will be driven by you. To ring in the New Year, we’ll be looking back at 2022 in the world of web development and discussing predictions for the year ahead. We’ll also be welcoming our newest host, Anthony Campolo!

To get those juices flowing here are some thought provoking 2023 predictions for the JavaScript ecosystem from around the web. Join us this Wednesday and let us know what you agreed or disagreed with!

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