The AHA Stack

The AHA Stack


In the ever-evolving landscape of web development a new player has emerged, the "AHA Stack," which combines Astro, htmx, and Alpine.js.

JSJam Live, Wednesday at 12pm PT

Join us today at 12pm PT for another episode of Javascript Jam Live. This week we'll be joined by the Open Sauced team including Nicky T from New Jersey, Canada.

Last time on JavaScript Jam Live, we were joined by Ishan Anand, Rishi Raj Jain, and Bro Nifty to discuss the JavaScript news of the week.

Story of the Week

The AHA Stack

In the ever-evolving landscape of web development a new player has emerged, dubbed the "AHA Stack," this approach combines Astro, htmx, and Alpine.js to offer a streamlined and efficient way to develop web apps. The philosophy of the AHA Stack is to simplify web development by sending HTML over the wire instead of relying on heavy JavaScript SPAs.

It embraces the foundational technologies of the web (HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript) along with other web standards to build upon them without overcomplicating the process. For frontend developers familiar with React/JSX, the AHA Stack offers a similar DX but with a reduction in complexity.

The stack shifts the focus towards generating HTML on the server side and minimizes the reliance on client-side JavaScript. This approach not only simplifies the development process but also enhances performance by reducing the load on the client side. The approach is declarative, favoring minimal JavaScript usage.

It emphasizes using HTML for UI updates and employs HTML partials to refresh specific parts of the page without needing a full page reload. It represents a shift back to the basics of web development, leveraging the server's power to handle most of the heavy lifting. The stack allows developers to build multi-page applications (MPAs) efficiently, with the server responsible for rendering HTML pages.

This contrasts starkly with traditional SPAs, where JavaScript frameworks dictate the page content. By incorporating "JavaScript sprinkles of interactivity," the AHA Stack aligns with the original purpose of JavaScript. By adding interactivity to web pages without being the core driver of content and structure, the stack is a call to embrace the foundational technologies of the web and use them to our advantage.

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