Astro 2.0, Eleventy 2.0 Beta, and TypeScript 5.0 Beta

Astro 2.0, Eleventy 2.0 Beta, and TypeScript 5.0 Beta


Tune In This Wednesday

Tune in this Wednesday at 12pm PT on Twitter Spaces for another open mic discussion about all things JavaScript. This week we’ll be discussing upcoming conferences for the year focused on JavaScript, web development, performance, DevOps, and security.

Last week we learned all about Astro 2.0 and spoke with Ben Holmes and A Fuzzy Bear about all the new additions to the framework. Check out the recording and continue reading to learn about all the new Astro features we discussed.

Articles of the Week

Astro 2.0

Astro’s 2.0 launch week included a flurry of announcements including the introduction of Content Collections, Hybrid Rendering, and the 2022 Astro Community Awards. Other major new additions include:

Eleventy 2.0 Beta

Rival static site generator Eleventy had a big release announcement as well. Focusing on improved DX over new features, Eleventy’s 2.0 beta release includes faster builds, faster npm installs, and a large decrease in node module dependencies.

TypeScript 5.0 Beta

Rounding out a week of big releases, the TypeScript team announced the beta release of 5.0. A few of the new top line features include:

  • Decorators, an upcoming ECMAScript feature that allows customizing classes and their members in a reusable way.
  • const Type Parameters
  • Supporting Multiple Configuration Files in extends
  • All enums Are Union enums
  • And much, much more

6 Strategies for Scaling Static Sites

Longtime Jamstack developer, Sean C Davis gives his strategies for scaling static sites in 2023 which include real-time content previews, ignoring old content locally, building on-demand, archiving content, gradually migrating, and incrementally building.

Rounding out our last issue in January, here’s one more think piece from Robin Wieruch about web development trends in 2023. The trends he hits on include:

  • Meta-frameworks
  • Application and rendering patterns
  • Serverless at the edge
  • Database and renaissance
  • JavaScript runtimes
  • Monorepos
  • Utility-first CSS
  • End-to-end type safety with TypeScript
  • Build tools
  • AI driven development

Podcasts of the Week

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