N|Solid Awards, Jamstack in 2023, and Bun v0.5

N|Solid Awards, Jamstack in 2023, and Bun v0.5


Tune In This Wednesday

Tune in this Wednesday at 12pm PT on Twitter Spaces to hear from the Astro team about Astro 2.0! We’ll discuss all the current features and upcoming events for the new release.

Last we discussed recommendations for improving Core Web Vitals in 2023, type-safe queries with React Query, and the new web components guidebook from Dave Rupert.

JavaScript Jam Podcast

We sat down with Josh Goldberg for a crash course on TypeScript.

Articles of the Week

2023 N|Solid Awards: The Top 10 Best Node.js Open Source Projects to Watch

NodeSource selected the top 10 Node projects of the year based on the project's importance and value and the team's outstanding effort:

  1. Fastify-vite
  2. Mercurius
  3. Platformatic
  4. Next.js
  5. Prisma
  6. Redwood
  7. Nuxt
  8. Strapi
  9. Herbs.js
  10. PNPM

What is Jamstack in 2023?

Brian Rinaldi, author of the weekly Jamstacked newsletter, wrote a think piece about what it means to be Jamstack in 2023. He provides a timeline of major Jamstack events in 2022 and looks ahead to trends in 2023.

Optimizing The Image Element LCP

Core Web Vitals is a frequent topic of discussion on this newsletter and Eloïse Martin provided an in-depth look at how to optimize your largest contentful paint image elements.

Bun v0.5

The hot new JavaScript runtime on the block, Bun, is known for shipping new features at warp speed and this minor version does not disappoint. Additions include:

  • Workspaces in package.json
  • Bun.dns and node:dns
  • Sockets using node:tls and node:net
  • Support for node:readline
  • Custom headers in WebSocket
  • Improvements to bun wiptest
  • Performance boosts
  • Support for HTTPS_PROXY


Jampack is a new tool from the team behind divRIOTS that optimizes static websites for the best user experience and Core Web Vitals scores. Features include:

  • Optimize above the fold
  • Optimize images to WebP
  • Optimize SVG images
  • Responsive images
  • Set image dimensions
  • Lazy load images
  • Embed small images

Podcasts of the Week

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