Gatsby Joins Netlify, Hydrogen Pivots to Remix, and TC39

Gatsby Joins Netlify, Hydrogen Pivots to Remix, and TC39


Tune In This Wednesday

This week we’ll be talking with Josh Goldberg about all things TypeScript. You can also check out our recently released TypeScript Crash Course with Josh over on the JavaScript Jam YouTube account.

Last week we had the honor of welcoming Matt Biilmann and Ryan Carniato to speak about the heavily discussed acquisition of Gatsby by Netlify which we’ll discuss further in the next section.


Gatsby is Joining Netlify

As mentioned previously, the big news over the last week in the JavaScript world and particularly the Jamstack community included the acquisition of Gatsby by Netlify. Gatsby as a framework and Netlify as a deployment platform set the stage for Jamstack throughout 2016 and 2017.

But they eventually grew apart as Gatsby built their own custom deployment platform. However, now they’ve reunited and will be combining their efforts, particularly around the Valhalla Content Hub which could potentially serve as a replacement for the soon-to-be sunset Netlify Graph.

Why React isn't Dying

TanStack Query maintainer Dominik (TkDodo online) gives his thoughts on why React is not dying despite what you may have heard from some thought leaders on Twitter.

Updates from the 94th TC39 Meeting

Hemanth gives a rundown of the current state of TC39, the standards body that decides on future JavaScript feature development. The upcoming features by stage include:

  • Stage 4: Change Array by Copy, Intl.NumberFormat V3, Symbols as WeakMap keys
  • Stage 3: ArrayBuffer transfer
  • Stage 2: Import Assertions, Intl era/monthCode, Symbol Predicates
  • Stage 1: Async Context, Proto pollution mitigation

If you’re not familiar with the standards body’s particular lingo, check out Introducing All Stages of the TC39 Process.

Why Create React App Exists

After Theo Browne lit up the conversation around React’s official documentation including a recommendation for create-react-app, Dan Abramov has responded with a thorough explanation for why CRA exists at all.

Shopify Pivots Hydrogen to Remix

Last year, Remix announced they had been acquired by Shopify. This raised a lot of questions about how the framework would interact with Shopify’s own React meta-framework, Hydrogen. The Hydrogen team has now officially released a roadmap that outlines the future of the framework which includes pivoting entirely to Remix.