Image Resizing, WebAssembly, and Analyzing Cold Starts

Image Resizing, WebAssembly, and Analyzing Cold Starts


Tune In This Wednesday

This week is another open mic to discuss the JavaScript news of the week. Whether you're an expert or total beginner, join us to talk about all the developments in JavaScript.

Last week, we welcomed Josh Goldberg to discuss all things TypeScript including how to get started and what the future holds for TypeScript.


Build a Simple Image Resizing API in less than 100 LOC

Resizing images is a common optimization for improving performance and metrics like Cumulative Layout Shift. Andy Jiang shows how to use Deno and ImageMagick to build a simple image resizing API and deploy it on Deno Deploy.

Bringing Javascript to WebAssembly for Shopify Functions

Edge functions have been all the rage and every platform is working on either their own custom solution or trying to integrate someone else's solution. Shopify has announced they will be using Javy and QuickJS to create a WebAssembly enabled runtime for JavaScript functions.

Lambda Cold Starts Analysis

Are your serverless functions slow? If you're using a Lambda function instead of one of the many new edge function platforms, you'll likely be encountering cold starts. Maxime David has created a site that compares 10 different Lambda runtimes to demonstrate their performance characteristics and cold start tradeoffs.

What Netlify's Acquisition of Gatsby Really Means

Last week's newsletter included discussion about the acquisition of Gatsby by Netlify. Longtime Jamstack commentator Brian Rinaldi gives his take here on what the acquisition means for Netlify, Gatsby, and the larger Jamstack ecosystem in general.


One More Thing

This week saw the premiere of React.js: The Documentary from Honeypot. The film includes interviews with key React team members and details the history of the framework and its development.