Lighthouse Version 11 and Remix v2 Prerelease

Lighthouse Version 11 and Remix v2 Prerelease


Lighthouse releases v11 with improved accessibility audits and Interaction to Next Paint. Remix v2 prerelease promises not to break anything.

JSJam Live, Wednesday at 12pm PT

This week, we'll be hosting another open mic to discuss the JavaScript news of the week. Whether you're a beginner or expert, you're welcome to join us!

Last week, the Twitter Gods decided to forsake us and we had many, many audio issues. If you still want to listen to the painful recording, you can check it out here.

Stories of the Week

Lighthouse Version 11

Lighthouse, the website auditing tool designed to enhance user experience, has released its version 11. This new version is accessible via the command line through npm, Chrome Canary, and PageSpeed Insights, and will be available in Chrome stable by Chrome 118. Major updates include:

  • New Audits & Weighting: 13 accessibility audits have been incorporated, including aria-allowed-role, aria-dialog-name, and aria-text among others. Furthermore, the weightage of all audits has been reevaluated to align better with the respective aXe rule impact levels.
  • Manual Audits: Lighthouse has always had manual audits, which are now automatically displayed once all automated audits are successfully passed. Despite scoring a perfect score in automated audits, it's emphasized that manual testing remains crucial.
  • Interaction to Next Paint (INP): Formerly experimental, the INP metric has been transferred from experimental-interaction-to-next-paint to interaction-to-next-paint.
  • Service Workers: A service worker is no longer a prerequisite for a page to be installable as a Progressive Web App (PWA) in Chrome, leading to the removal of the service-worker check from the Lighthouse PWA category.
  • Resource Summary: The resource-summary audit has been deleted from the Lighthouse report. Network request statistics can still be gathered using the network-requests audit.
  • Legacy Navigation: The transition in Lighthouse’s infrastructure to back user flows has concluded, resulting in the removal of the --legacy-navigation flag for the CLI, legacyNavigation() function in the Node API, and the "Legacy navigation" checkbox in the DevTools panel.
  • Using Lighthouse: Lighthouse can be operated via Chrome DevTools, npm, and as a browser extension in both Chrome and Firefox. It also supports various Google services, most notably PageSpeed Insights.

Remix v2 Prerelease

Remix v2 pre-release is out! According to their official Twitter account, if you're up-to-date on all "future flags" (a play on feature flags) it'll be the most boring major upgrade ever. Back in March, the team outlined how to future proof your Remix app to ensure you don't end up with a bunch of breaking changes you need to manage once version 2 drops. Check out that article for more details along with Preparing for v2 in the official Remix documentation.

Podcasts of the Week

One More Thing

Our interview from RenderATL with Chris Coyier (creator of CSS Tricks, Codepen, and host of the Shoptalk Podcast) is live! We discuss his talk about "Modern CSS in Real Life" along with the current fate of CSS Tricks now that it has been purchased by Digital Ocean.

JavaScript Jam | Modern CSS with Chris Coyier
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