Project IDX

Project IDX


Google launches browser development platform Project IDX incorporating Codey, an AI model based on PaLM 2.

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This week, we'll be chatting with Danielle Maxwell and Mark Noonan about their talks for MagnoliaJS! Last week, we talked about code, art, visualizing flow and AI with Shirley Wu and David Khourshid.

Story of the Week

Project IDX - Fullstack Cloud Development with AI

Google has launched Project IDX, a new browser-based development platform. Leveraging Google Cloud and incorporating Codey, an AI model based on PaLM 2, the project is built upon Code OSS, aiming to provide a familiar environment for developers that allows users to develop from various locations by providing access to a Linux-based VM coupled with cloud hosting capabilities.

Developers have the option to either import existing GitHub projects or start new ones using templates for frameworks like Angular, Flutter, and React. Furthermore, Project IDX is set to offer an Android emulator and an iOS simulator alongside its web preview. AI is employed for features like smart code completion, chatbot support, and relevant code suggestions.

For deployment, integration with Firebase Hosting is introduced to streamline web app deployment and provide backend support for certain frameworks. As the project evolves, Google is seeking feedback from developers to enhance Project IDX's features.

Addy Osmani explained the vision of the tool like so:

The vision is full fidelity local environment with AI smarts. e.g. you get quicker starting points for apps using a popular framework, a Linux-based VM in a datacenter near you, quick deploys to Firebase Hosting and (soon) Android + iOS simulators in-browser.

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htmx continues to build the hype with support content creators like Theo and Jack Harrington in his recent video: HTML - The Game-Changing Alternative to React.

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