Qwik RC, Modern React, and Node CLIs

Qwik RC, Modern React, and Node CLIs


JavaScript Jam Live on Wednesday

This week we'll be kicking off a month's worth of interviews with speakers for the upcoming React Miami conference! We'll be discussing the talks we are most excited for and giving you a sneak peak at the upcoming collaborations we'll be doing with the speakers.

Last week we drew a wide array of speakers to discuss whether ChatGPT is going to render frontend developers redundant and the different choices for framework recommendations in the new React documentation along with the controversy over what was or wasn't included.

Articles of the Week

Qwik Reaches RC Milestone

It feels like (to me at least) just yesterday Miško hit the podcast circuit to tell the world about Qwik in late 2021. But it's already reaching an RC release in preparation for the upcoming v1. The high level bullet points are that the Release Candidate means:

  • The API is feature complete.
  • They are not aware of any significant issues which would keep you from succeeding in building performant production apps and sites with it.
  • They need your feedback! Yes, you!!!

NPM Packages for CLI Apps

CLI tools are an interesting beast. We use them every day but we rarely have visibility into how they work or what they are doing under the hood. Joey Kilpatrick gives a thorough exploration of what types of tools go into making CLIs for the JavaScript and Node community in The Landscape of npm Packages for CLI Apps.

Rethinking React Best Practices

"Rethinking best practices" was the slogan for React in 2013. First used mockingly, it became a rallying cry for the new component based paradigm the library wanted to promulgate. Rethinking React best practices gives a front-to-back history of how React went from a humble UI library to a full blown architecture.

Migrate to Vite from Create React App (CRA)

create-react-app is thankfully on its last leg with the removal of the recommendation to use it in the official React docs along with the continued support from the community to move away from the previously popular framework to Vite.

Robin Wieruch gives step-by-step instructions for transitioning between the two projects in Migrate to Vite from Create React App. I recommended this article for anyone currently using CRA who wishes to enter the future and join the brave new world of sub-second dev server startup times.

Composability Summit

In Composable Databases: Why use an ORM, Sabin Adams takes a look at how Prisma (and ORMs in general) aid in database transitions to make them smooth and easy.

Podcasts of the Week

One More Thing

Not gonna lie, I've been absolutely obsessed with ChatGPT for the past few months. I find that very few people appreciate the space of possibilities that can be achieved with ChatGPT. For example, Tyler Cowen recently interviewed the famous 18th century Irish satirical writer Jonathan Swift via a ChatGPT emulation of his writing. And it was great!

But it seems like many developers don't even know where to start with this technology. As always though, the best way to learn is to just start building. In Build a Keyword Extractor, Brad Traversy shows how to build a React and Chakra frontend connected to OpenAI's API. This provides a more JavaScript friendly introduction to a tool mostly hidden behind Python scripts.

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