tRPC + Astro, Million v2, and More React Server Components

tRPC + Astro, Million v2, and More React Server Components


JavaScript Jam Live on Wednesday

This week, we'll be continuing React Miami month with a conversation about authentication and performance. Will Johnson from Okta and Henri Helvetica from WebPageTest will join us to talk about their upcoming presentations at React Miami: Look Mom, No Passwords! A Developers Guide to WebAuthn and R Is For React Performance.

Last week, we kicked off React Miami month and spoke to React Miami Co-organizer Michelle Bakels, media partner Dev Agrawal, and various speakers including Anthony Shew, Rizèl Scarlett, Dax Raad, Henri Helvetica, and Ryan Magoon. Check out the recording for a sneak peak at upcoming events, conference topics, and tips for first time conference attendees.

Stories of the Week

Using tRPC with Astro

tRPC has been gaining a lot of momentum recently as a new way to build end-to-end type-safe applications. Typically used with React and Next projects, it can be used with almost any kind of TypeScript project you could conceive of.

After including Zod for Content Collections, the Astro community has begun to more heavily favor a type-safe architecture. Using tRPC in Astro and its (React) Islands shows how to integrate tRPC into an existing Astro project.

Million v2

If you're obsessed with the JS Framework Benchmark, you might already be aware of a little known JavaScript framework that far outperforms React and ranks among projects like Solid and Inferno for overall performance.

If you aren't a perf nerd, you probably aren't familiar with Million by Aiden Bai. But there's no time like the present to dive into the framework since v2 was just released. Check out Unleashing Million.js v2.0.0 for all the details.

Dan Abramov Continues RSC Speaking Tour

After spending weeks writing long Twitter threads, Dan Abramov has begun hitting the streaming circuit to discuss and demo the new patterns around React Server Components. He joined Ben Holmes for a marathon stream where Ben created a mini, proof-of-concept framework called simple-rsc.

Composability Summit

Rob Levin shows in Composable Design Systems: Scaling Design Across Teams and Frameworks how tooling like Astro and AgnosticUI allow using multiple UI frameworks to deliver consistently branded micro-frontends.

Podcasts of the Week

One More Thing

Last week, Scott Steinlage and I launched a new weekly stream called Scott and Anthony's Web Developer Adventure! In the series we'll be building out a new, open source version of the JavaScript Jam website using Astro. Check out the first episode, The Origin Story!

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