Node.js Performance & Render ATL

Node.js Performance & Render ATL

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Welcome everybody. Yeah, there's Anthony. Bring up here, bro.

Invited, bro. Nifty. What's Up.

Yo. Welcome to JavaScript Jam Live. We do this every Wednesday at 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for joining us. Yeah, this is how we do it. Okay, so hope y'all are ready today. We're gonna be talking about some fun stuff. I'll let Anthony get into that here in a minute, but I just wanna start by saying, If you're listening to this recording, thank you.

If you're here live. Thank you. And whether you're a beginner or whether you're advanced at web development or anything just development related. Thank you so much. We wanna hear from everybody. Okay. You are a part of this too. Alright. So be sure in all seriousness, be sure to please request to come on up.

We would love to hear from you whether it's a fact statement, question, concern, and opinion. It doesn't matter. We wanna hear from you, so come on up. Okay? In fact, actually that often, very so often increases. The value that we all get to experience and receive from these lives when you all participate and have fun with us.

Not only value for those listening, but also value for those here talking. So appreciate you. All right, moving forward. Let's get started with state of node JS performance and BUN version 0.6. Look at that stuff here. If y'all don't know what I'm talking about, then maybe you should be getting our newsletter.

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Check out links and stuff. Cool. All right. My name is Scott . I am the technical community manager at Edgio and co-host of this here Awesome JavaScript Jam podcast. Woo. And Anthony, who are you? My name is Anthony Campolo and I am a developer advocate at Edgio. Sweet. What are we gonna talk about today?

Dude? I just replied with, The newsletter and now it's pinned. Nice. Yeah, we had two very performance focused stories for this week. I always find benchmarking pretty interesting and someone on, there's what's called the Node Technical Steering Committee. It's like the official team that works on it.

One of the members put together this really huge blog post and benchmark of. All of the different things you do in Node and how they compare across versions 16, 18, and 20. So those are each of the long-term releases. And the idea is, we hopefully get faster and improvement from one version to another.

And for the most part that's true. But there's actually some places where there's regressions from 16 to 18 to 20. So it's both good to let. Developers know where some bottlenecks are and then also identify potentially bottlenecks for the core team themselves to fix. So hopefully the, some of the regressions that.

Identified will be handled. But yeah, it was interesting for me cuz it gets really into the guts of all of the little things you do with Node. Cause people use Node as a cli, they use it as an HTP server. They use it for lots of different things and this really breaks down each individual method or function you would do.

And I thought this went along well with BUN because the whole idea with BUN is that the creator, Jared did a similar thing where he like, manically benchmarked all of these different things you can do with Node and then found ways to optimize them. Using a different run time. So there's lots of benchmarks you can now run across node versus BUN or across node versus BUN versus Dino.

So there's no shortage of fun metrics to get into. Yeah, that's awesome. There's a lot of similarities there. That's interesting. Yeah, and so there's these internal benchmarks that, that. Are used, it looks like, right? There's FS, events, http, miscellaneous modules, streams, URL, buffers, utility. So that's pretty cool.

So the, it's based on like file system, the event classes, server and startup time streams, creation, buffer operations, all that good stuff. And they're, it looks like,

All the results were published in the main repository of state of No JS performance 23. So there was a repo on all this. You can find it on that link that we shared above there and the jumbotron, like we call it. That's pretty cool. Then they talk about why, sorry, go ahead. Yeah, and it's not even the full thing.

They're actually going, there's going to be a follow up article specifically for things like Express and Fify when you're actually running a node server to take HTTP traffic. That's its own kind of separate benchmarking. So I'll be curious to see. Once that gets published. And it's also worth noting that this was run on like a single AWS instance, so you could even get into optimizing different like machines, virtual machines, and different ways of kinda like seeing different clouds and their performance.

So there's you could do a whole matrix of different things, but this, it like controls for. Just imagine we're running a node server on a Linux box, which I think is a nice kind of general bench line. That's interesting. So I wonder if they're gonna even more so go wider.

Cause it sounds like that's deeper, right? Like with it's also wider at the same time. I don't know, excuse me, with like express and stuff like that, but comparing it to other, Things out there express, not only comparing it against itself and then you're following, but also two other things out there would be cool to see.

Yeah. Cause you could have, like you wanna test node libraries on top and then you want test like non node run times against it. Yeah. So things like edge run times CloudFlare workers or that, that type of stuff. Yeah. That would be cool to see. For sure. Yeah. That's where it gets confusing though. Cause there's not a one-to-one mapping always of No node APIs to those other ones. Yeah. Then it gets confusing. Then you introduce other perf issues potentially and whatever. Yeah. But the main thing for this is it was really about comparing across different versions of Node. And I always find this stuff interesting cause like I'm constantly switching between different versions of Node just to get projects to run on my computer.

And It would be nice to even be at a point where I could actually decide to use one for a performance benefit, but usually it's just like this one doesn't run, so I'm gonna switch this.

Very true. Back to version eight, geez. That's the only way it works. I dunno.

Cool man. Yeah, this is very informative. Very awesome.

And then for BUN version 0.6, there is now the Bun Bundler. So this is So the point of BUN is to have a like unified dev experience, Dino or Rome. So having a bundler built in, which allows you to just bundle your projects has been one of the big things that they've been missing. And so now you can actually just bundle it as a single executable and you don't even need to necessarily have the dependency to, to run it.

That's pretty cool. Yeah, and it gives you different targets. You can set it for a node target or a browser target. Going back to Node APIs aren't always in right. More native jobs at run times, and then there's a BUN target, so I'm assuming that's gonna be for when oven comes out, which is like bun's hosting platform.

That would only make sense.

Yeah. Cause I don't know where else you would even run like buns run time, unless you just put a Docker container. Yeah. And for what? For what? Use case. Yeah. Yeah. Interesting. That's pretty cool. I'm just reading through what the, what you put in the newsletter here. It also includes the BUN Bundler includes experimental support for React server components.

So that's pretty interesting cause that's some that everyone's trying to figure out how to get to work in their projects right now. Yep. Yeah, I saw Dan talking about something the other day. I know. I'm sorry. We don't have docs yet. This sucks. But I've written many things on Twitter and threads, so maybe I could just compile those.

What do you guys like most? Yeah, right? Yep. That's what we should create. We should create a AI scraper. The scrapes Twitter threads that have keywords or particular things there. I see. And then formulates documentation from the thread. That'd be pretty sweet. It sounds like a lot of work, but yeah, I've always got ideas.

You gotta just, you gotta just get the tweets and then feed those into the chat, so yeah. It could be done for sure. I just, not sure how relevant the threads are though, can be done. Yeah. And you'd have to figure out a way to. Take the most relevant thread, yeah. Yes, sir.

Bob. So Anthony where are you at nowadays? Where I at? Nowadays? Yeah. Like physically? Yeah. Physically. Are you still? Are you still, are you on and about? Oh, I'm, yeah. I got back in Colorado. I'm in St. Louis now. Awesome. Cool. Yep. I got to meet my nieces. Oh, that's good. Yep. And I met Jen. Jen. I saw that.

That's exciting. Somebody bookmarked y'all what I hear. Yeah. Yeah. The. They ended up removing it after we tweeted about it. Did they really, I almost bookmark your tweet saying something about it just to see.

Sounds like a good time, man. Yeah. Jen's, do you ever bookmark tweets? Oh yeah, I do. And somebody said something about it the other day, just in general, about, okay, do you bookmark tweets? Okay why do you do it? Have you ever actually gone back and looked at 'em? And I actually, I'm like guilty of doing this.

I, anything that's like informative or something that's teaching me something, I'll bookmark it, that I think I need to recall. But if I like already got the picture and don't need to recall it, then I don't bookmark it. But if I'm like, oh, I know I'm gonna need to follow back up on that, or refer to that then I will bookmark it.

And the funny thing is, I think I've only re referred to something maybe twice in my bookmarks, and I have so many of them I'm sure. So yeah, it's almost and I bet you this is like something that is so true. I bet that people who have lots of tabs on their browser are people that bookmark.

I just have an inkling. Anybody? Yeah. Probably else I have of tabs open on my browser. I dunno how many, like 20 right now. Too many. Yeah. Too many tabs. Is there ever too many tabs?

All right. Exciting stuff by the way. Speaking of this exciting stuff obviously we're talking a little bit about state of note here. You can check out if you're just joining us you can check out the link we have up there on the jumbotron is what we call it, but. If you scroll up, see all the link there, there is one right there for ya.

It's for our newsletter. Don't forget to subscribe. And we talked about button version six, end up on in the, probably for oven later on. But yeah, that's cool things there. But another thing cool, coming up next week, Anthony and myself are going to be in Atlanta. Yes. Atlanta. Why Atlanta? Anthony, do you know why?

Cause it's a super sweet place with stuff and things. Things, yes. Like the biggest aquarium I think in the United States is there. I believe. Really? Yeah. I know that. Yeah. I walked by it last time I was there, and I never went in no time for that. Swimming with the fishes. No. Yeah.

Things in places like render atl, that's where we're gonna be. That's what we're gonna be doing. Hanging out at render ATL with all your favorite peoples, at least a lot of them. I'm sure. There's 80 plus speakers there, which is insane. There's three stages going at once. Pretty slick. A lot of happening.

Yes. Every hour, three stages, three talks going at one time. It's gonna be sweet. Last year they had something similar. I think they had two or three stages last year, if I remember right. They had one outside and two minutes. I, yeah, pretty sure it was three. Excuse me. Anyway. Might have been two.

No, they did have three. I remember now. Yep. But yeah. There's also gonna be lots of awesome activities after the main speaking events. So that'll be fun too. But we're gonna be doing a live there as well, just like we do at every event we go to. So we're gonna do a JavaScript Jam live and we're gonna get some of the speakers on right now.

We for sure have James Q Quick going to be joining us. If y'all know him, it's gonna be a good time. And we've got several other people who are gonna be doing podcasts with too. And Nick has joined us.

He probably just got off stream like probably not that long ago, I'm assuming. Come up and join us, bro. Unless you're just done talking like, I just trained for three hours. Are you kidding me? But yeah, render's gonna be fun. Nick, are you going to render? I think you are right. Maybe. I think he's, yeah, but Nick will probably join us, I'm sure.

Talk with us. Maybe not hold you to it, bro, but if you want to, you can join us on our live at render when we're there. Should be a good time. May 31st Wednesday, 12 ams of Lexander time, as always. Yeah. You, Nick, quick question. Maybe you can't answer, maybe you can just in comments, but can't chan the moment.

Might be free in a bit. Yes. Going to render atl. Awesome. Do you. Listen to spaces on desktop or are you constantly on mobile or do you have to make the shift when you wanna talk and go back to mobile?

Yeah, I'm usually on, on mobile because just makes sense.

Awesome. I'm sure he is. Got a couple things going on. He's just listening in the background, I'm sure on mobile at the moment, even when listening. Awesome. Yeah, I guess it makes it easier when you wanna jump in and say something. That's what I do. Anthony, what about you? Are you normally listening to spaces on desktop and then just jump over later if you want to or what?

I usually listen on mobile. Yeah. Cool. It's partly it used to be just because it had easier discovery. Like you'd see spaces while you're on your phone

where you can talk from there. There are ways around it. There are ways around it.

All right. Hold on one second here. Anthony, did you have anything else that you wanted to bring up about things going on that you've seen today on Twitter or anything like that? We should mention that also in the newsletter is the interview I did with and York remix. Yeah.

Yeah. So that was super fun. We chatted about edge and databases and frameworks. Glover is the CEO of Turso, chisel Strike slash Turso, and they are running SQL Light at the edge. And then Igor works at CloudFlare, which is obviously another big edge platform. Hey, we got. And yeah, it was a really fun conversation.

We talked a little bit of history of, where they started out. Uhr worked on the Linux kernel originally, which was pretty fascinating. And yeah, just chatting about edge stuff. So it was good conversation to be in. Yeah. That's awesome. I'll go ahead and post a link to that so people can go listen to it.

It'll be in. The jumbotron on the comments of this. If you're listening to the recording. No.

What's up? What up, Ishan? Hey guys. Sorry. I usually am able to keep this time, very well protected from the slings and arrows of outrageous calendar invites. But I failed today, so I'm only here for a brief bet, but I, it's alright. This is my favorite meeting of the week.

Oh, it's because it's external facing. It's where, we get to talk to the market and hear what's going on and what's top of mind and be really connected to the ecosystem. So that's what I love about it. So I don't know what point I came in. Anthony, it sounds like you're describing either an episode of FS Jam or a recording we'd done for JavaScript Jam.

What. What was it? Yeah, I was talking about the interview I did at Remix Conf with Glauber and Igor. Oh yeah. Okay. Yeah, that was that's great. I if you guys have. Where you were going next, but I was curious if you, cause the newsletter was very perf heavy. It was, dunno if you checked out the node benchmark thing.

I thought you would find that interesting. I was gonna say I dunno if you guys are getting to the newsletter but I thought it was like you wrote it just for me. It's you don't have to, you don't have to do that, man. Probably did. It's or I'm rubbing off on you. But yeah, there was there was a bunch of stuff.

Performance Budgets

So there was the node performance, which was really great, but there was also the speed curve. Thing on performance budget I think is one of those like, simple concepts people just need to internalize and use and make sense, but they don't do 'em. It's like working out. Yeah. That was the first time I had heard that term before and it seemed like a pretty comprehensive article.

Do you wanna talk about what that is? Yeah. So performance budgets are really this idea that You just like you have a budget in your, in your company for, what you spend on various departments. You have a budget of how much you are going to use up your compute or your load time on different types of things.

And sometimes. Some things may go over budget, like you might put in a third party tag and now you're over budget. So it's a way that you build into your C I C D tool. A automated test. Usually it's in your C I C D could be also based on your ROM data that says we're be we're gonna be below, some certain target, like we want our L C P below two and a half seconds.

And then you basically are automating, detecting if you regress. And then it sends you alert and you're like, okay we gotta go look into this. And then, you're over budget. One thing that's important to understand is it's not an aspirational target, like you should be hitting it. And it's designed to detect regressions.

And I really like that. I think it was, that was written by Tammy who yeah, it was who works at Speed Curve. And so you should look at it as, a reasonable, achievable target. It's probably what you're doing now. I think she had a heuristic that was, look at what you're doing in the last two to four weeks of data.

Yeah, here it is. And then identify your worst number, and then just start by setting your performance budget for that number. And, gradually over time as you improve your performance, you can. You can move that number and squeeze it lower, but it's a good place to start. The one thing I would say and augment to that is you should  have performance budgets around your core web vitals.

Largest Contentful paint. , first input delay and cumulative layout shift and soon to be i n P, which we talked about last week, which will be a new core vital running out coming out in about a year. And you should just baseline your performance budgets to those hard limits of where Google says that's bad.

So in the case of LCP two and a half seconds, if you're already meeting that, then obviously set that budget even lower. But I would just, start by saying Google basically gave the web a whole performance budget. For those metrics, and you should tackle those. And then as you mature in your speed journey or your speed maturity of your organization, then you can start adding performance budgets around other metrics that are directly relevant to your particular experience.

Whether they're timings of specific elements or specific flows, you can add those. But I think it's really important because what often happens is, People like the site slow. You spend let's sprint, spend a sprint making the site faster and then it's faster. But then a quarter later somebody's the site's slow again.

And it's like, how did this happen? If you had performance budgets, you'd know when you cross that threshold and you'd spring back into action. Let's kinda like it's a solution to a, actually an organizational problem, than it's really a technical thing. So I'll stop there, but hopefully that was helpful.

How often do you see these actually used in the wild? It's a great question. There are a lot of  people who will have it set up, but I don't know how much priority they put around it. So prior to Core Web Vitals I'll answer it in a roundabout way, and I said this in a conference of about 18 months ago. The problem with performance is somewhat technical, but it's also social.

It's people's lack of caring, like performance can be the tragedy of the commons. And people are like, okay, one extra millisecond. Imagine somebody adds a tag, a third party tag to the website and suddenly it got slower. And, marketing says this needs to be there. Goes up the chain of command and somebody's okay, let's move the budget to allow it.

And then you have a, a slippery slope the next time another tag comes in and, your performance budget goes the other way. And what I think Google really has done, and I said it's given the whole web performance budget is that. They found a great leverage point, which is your search engine ranking, which for some sites is 50 or even 70% of their traffic.

It comes from Google will be affected by the speed of your website, so now you have to care. Yeah, you know what? I'm just gonna use chat GT for searching for now on and screw Google. I dunno how chat, it's not there yet. Yeah, it's not yeah, I'm just kidding. Yeah it might wait, it's hallucinations based on, yeah.

But but yeah, so what I find honestly is that people care about Cora Vitals. I would say more, in fact, they will use that as a defacto performance budget. And the other great thing about performance budgets sorry core vitals as the basis, like the first baseline of it is you can see how you rank against your competitors.

So like you can look on, like search for the keywords that are important for your business, and then you see who's ranking, and then you can go look, are they faster than you? That might be why they're ranking above you. Like you can make a very informed decision and it, it gave like a full transparency to the market.

And so that's why it tends to get a lot of attention I actually have to drop for another meeting. But that's my quick take. Sweet. Thanks for the nuggets. Sure. And I look forward to seeing you guys next week when you are live at Render atl. Highly encourage everyone to tune in for that.

I am, I'm so excited and I'm looking forward to that. Awesome. Thanks. Yeah, thanks guys. Good luck. Appreciate it.

Render ATL

think we should just have. A bunch of small micro sites that are very minimalistic and then just have the best performance ever and just be very like specific to what the need is for like niche down on every single page.

Age, like super niche shit. I dunno, that's kinda thing nowadays anyway, when it comes to creating courses and things like that, like being very niche, right? Maybe we just put a very specific topic on one page and only dig into those things and not make it super fancy. I dunno, maybe it's like forums back in the day.

That's what Google wants, bare bones information. Google just wants forums, just bare bones forum information. Anyway. Cool. That was fun. Thanks for joining us there for a minute. Ishan Well, we're about the halfway mark here. Thank you so much for joining us. This is what we do every Wednesday, 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

We get on here and talk about web development, JavaScripts stuff, all that related topics. You can check out our newsletter, JavaScript Go ahead and sign up for it and you will see the things we'll be talking about that week and also into the future. Don't miss out on it. Good stuff. Anthony.

Put some time in it to.

What's next? What's next on the, you wanna talk about more render stuff? Are there like satellite events or things that we're gonna be looking at or potentially going to? Yeah, there's a ton of stuff, man. I, whenever I went last year I like usually just feel out what. Like I'll, I don't know, like I'll start to connect with some people while I'm there.

Obviously I already know some people, but then there's also some people I don't, so I make new connections and it all depends on what those connections turn into or what those, what, what I'm trying to do with them if I'm just trying to. Continue growing relationships you already have or building new ones and or both at the same time.

Maybe, maybe you all go to the same place, but like after events, man, it's, there's usually too many things to choose from, so you just need to really hone in on what everybody else is doing and say, okay, these people are going this place, or these people are going that place. Which one do I want to do?

Pros and cons of everything, just. Yeah. But as far as what's going on, holy cow. I'm not gonna go through the entire schedule, but there is an ATL tech week now actually. So they just like officialized this a week or so ago. I can't remember exactly. When, but I think it was a week or so ago.

And so it, there was now just like Miami, right when we react to Miami Miami had a tech week going on that week. And there was like that huge tech conference with 20,000 people. ATL now has this tech week. They now they're gonna be doing more things all over the place. In fact, actually they're kicking off.

Something, it's sponsored by pronghorn it looks like in the evening of the 30th, which is kinda like the night before the actual event starts on the 31st. It's, and it's a rooftop thing. Which actually, it's funny because one of the big things they did is this at the roof. This is ATV roof.

I don't know what that means, but, oh, Atlanta Tech Village Rooftop. I'm not sure what that is, but there was this place that they did this big old rooftop party at last time. That was pretty cool. So it's like a standing tradition at this point, I think where they things off with this.

But this is for tech week, which by the way, they like, have. Gone through and I don't know, done something with the mayor and all kinds of stuff to make that a reality for Atlanta. So it's pretty legit. And let's see. Workshops are on the 31st and there's a lot of 'em, by the way.

Lots of workshops all things from. Making design systems AI in React AI for JavaScript using TensorFlow, blah, blah, blah. There's so many different things. Reactivity, deep dive with view type script. Of course that would be in there somewhere. Decentralized stuff. So some web three things.

There's react apps again, but with Shopify stuff. And no, that is not from Kent or remix. It's actually it is I guess it could be using Remix and they're just not talking about it because it says it's hue. I don't know if you've heard of him or not. I think I'm pronouncing that wrong.

But anyway, it's sponsored by Shopify and so it's interesting. We'll see what they talk about in that workshop. But all these are on the 31st and they all go from 10 to five. So you gotta choose which one you wanna go to. And I think the first thousand people who purchased a ticket are gonna be able to access these workshops for free.

They didn't have to buy a workshop ticket. If you were after the first thousand, have to buy a workshop ticket to get into these workshops, and you probably already know that if you're going. But yeah, lots of good names here. Evan U right? He's doing BJs stuff. Adam Raki, Kevin Jones.

Yeah. Chance Strickland there. Yeah, lots of cool things for the workshops. And then yeah there's lots of other like things that if you're part of v i p or like the scholarship program that they had or whatever, then they have like other networking and brunch things and things like that.

There's another thing for like v I p I think there was like a, D i p dinner or something, which is at the Westin in ATL is where they're holding is the official like hotel for this whole thing. And actually they're doing the workshops in the hotel. But the actual event is happening at America's Mar.

So that'll be, but which by the way, there's like an underground. Tunnel to get from the West into America's Mar. So should be kinda cool. I don't know. This is interesting. Should be pretty neat. But yeah, there's like a v i p thing at the Sundial restaurant, which is on the night of the 31st. So after workshops or like v i p folks and stuff like that.

I don't know if that's supposed to be, like, it says Night of Glamor, it's celebration. Glamor. I don't know. Should I, do I have to wear a tux for that? Dunno. I dunno. But Pete, that's one other thing is they love at render they've really created this kind of culture around like things to wear too.

Cuz they, so they have they have themes for each day. So like the first day, oh, I'd have to look at it again. I don't recall what they are, but I know the second day is cosplay. Oh, first day is Jersey Day. And actually render has their own jersey that they, I don't know if they had it at the first year.

They did. They did it, but they had it the second year last year which was super cool. And you guy, you can actually buy their jersey on their site. But it's like a hundred bucks. But anywho, so you can wear your, Jersey or whatever you wanna do. You don't have to participate in any of it, but it's interesting a culture that they've created around it.

So there's also like a big kind of thing with dressing up, looking nice for these events afterwards. Sometimes, it doesn't have to be there's plenty people who just go in like cargo shorts and a t-shirt, so who cares? But it's fun to partake in if you like doing that kinda thing.

There's lots of this, the talks and things. There's this one's actually gonna be interesting, I think. Generative ai a builder's guide. So I'm not sure exactly what he's gonna be using. So this is banjo. I don't know how to pronounce his last name. Obey, I think. But he's with aws.

I met him actually at render last year. Super nice guy. And so he's gonna be going into generative ai going through the history of generative ai, exploring key concepts such as like word embeddings, language models, et cetera. Lots of cool things there. But if you wanna find out more, just go to render

Schedule and you can see all the awesome things going on over those three days. 31st, first and second. Coming up very soon here, if you haven't gotten a ticket, I would suggest it because honestly, this is one of the biggest tech events of the year. And they have so much going on there. It. Even if you maybe recently lost your job or are looking for a new job or whatever, they have things about that too.

Like it's not just going there to hear, talk, and learn some things. And obviously I always say a big proponent of these events is networking. And that could be for your job, that could be for you personally. That could be many different things. And one of those things is the ability to potentially have.

The opportunity to meet an employer. And they actually do actually have a decent focus on this. They have the ability for you to submit a resume into their system and stuff like that. And they, if you want, when you buy your ticket, I think they have that availability to say whether you're interested or not.

And if you are, you can, put it in a resume or whatever, and they'll push it out too. To different people there now, and the reason why I say this is I think it would behoove of you to do so if you are interested in, are looking because they have huge sponsors, right? And so many of them, so many of the names that we all know or love and and have grown to know over the years.

I mean it's insane. Like how many logos did they get? Going to the, this event. It's. Pretty impressive, say the least. They've got Delta Airlines and they've got aws, Uber, wick, Dropbox, circle ci, Google Fiber, capital One, Zillow, home Depot into it, Netflix, GitHub, carrot. So they got everything from just like tech to FinTech, to retail to real estate.

To banking, FinTech, right? Yeah. And more and even dev tools, right? It's crazy the amount of logos they have. It would definitely be a great opportunity. We got Nick t up here, by the way. We do, yes. I heard the ding. Nick t What's up man? How are you doing brother? What are you looking forward to at render?

What have you been up to? You don't have to answer that last part first yet. Whatever you wanna do. How's it going? Yeah. Yeah, I know. Yeah. I'm pretty excited for render. It was like we were, I saw you both, you at Remix Conf that, that kind of came last minute for me. Just cause I'd worked on the remix integration with Netlify.

Work sent me there in, which was great. That was my first in-person conference and originally my first in-person conference was gonna be render, but I'm totally cool with going at two now. But yeah, the reason why I signed up for render was cause like I knew there would be a lot of people there that I've only ever really interacted with on Twitter, or some of them I might have done Twitch streams with, but I just.

Basically like our education stipend at work allows us to use it towards one conference a year if you want for part of it. So I use that to do that. Cause I won't lie, the ticket is a little pricey true. But basically I was just banking on, this is the one conference I'm going to this year and it was, I'm sure there'll be great talks and stuff for sure, but I'm really most excited just to meet a lot of people who I've only ever met in the Matrix.

Yeah, totally. I understand that every, everybody, who's anybody? Everybody who's not anybody. It's gonna be there. It's a huge event and they've done a really good job at organizing it and really creating an atmosphere for networking and growth and just a good time.

Yeah, I'm excited for it too, man. And I'm excited we get to see you again yeah. Two for two. It's I've never met either of you that it's like I've seen you twice now. Yeah. It's funny too, cuz Colby Fay, who I was doing the Twitch Stream with before, yeah. I've only ever spoken to him on Twitter.

So we're doing the, we did the Twitch stream today and then I was laughing cause I'm like, we're doing a twitch. Today, I'm gonna see you next week at render. And then there's also a front end test fest, which is it's a front end testing online conference. And we're both on a panel there. So it's like I went from zero Colby to like a hundred percent in my life.

That's awesome. Yeah, that's so cool. It's once you kinda get in on doing these events and more things like, it's like you just start bumping into a lot of similar faces, but also there are plenty of new ones to continue to meet as well as so yeah, it's really cool. Yeah, I'm excited for man.

Yeah. We should all figure out. A time when we can go grab a bite or something during the busyness of render. Should be fun. Yeah. No, for sure. I'm sure we can figure something out.

Folks, if haven't decided at this point, you're probably not going. But after all that talk in there Of me pushing it out there, obviously, yes, we are like a media we're doing a media collaboration, I like to call it with render. We had we have a couple people on talking on the live and we're gonna do a live there with some of the other speakers and stuff like that.

But we're not doing it. They're not paying us to do it per se. But we're just, we. Are doing this with events that we really enjoy going to anyway, right? Like I went to rental last year, sold paid full price to go to there and everything. In fact, paid for a FOMO ticket, which was like last second which was super expensive.

But and we paid to go to remix last year and all that stuff, right? All these things that we've been doing with events over the last couple months now with Anthony and I, it's all been because we really do enjoy those events that we've gone to and we have a lot to do with them and stuff.

So really excited for the relationship that we have built with and how we've become a little bit of a thread in the fabric. So excited for that. That. And I heard you're giving out free potato chips, so if you need another reason to go to render, get those chips free potato chips.

Now I gotta find potato chips somewhere. Yeah. Oh, that's funny. Yeah, potato chips, y'all. You heard it. Nikki T is. Going to be giving to our fund for that. Thanks for being the first one. The first one to give for that. Appreciate it. Yeah. I got good connections with the Potato Mafia or the Tub Mafia.

Awesome. Nice. Yes, sir. Cool, man. Folks Anthony, do you have anything else you wanna wrap up, talk about render, or anything that you're excited about? Yeah. No, I think that probably covers it. Something totally unrelated though. I just got Lang Chain, which is an open ai, kinda like meta framework running on Edgio.

Super cool. Nice. You'll have Cool man. You do a A stream on that or something, or at least forwarded. Oh yeah. Yeah. There will be many a content. Yeah. I'm excited for it. I know you've been digging a lot into AI lately, so I'm really excited to see the things you got coming forward just to, as streaming goes and everything gonna happen with that.

I don't know. I'm just, me personally, anything that I see AI wise, I'm just really excited for I'm ready to see some cool things happen, which a lot of cool things are happening and have happened, but I can't wait to see more from people that I know that are doing it right. So really looking forward to seeing what you got going on there, bro.

Oh, yeah. Yep. Awesome. All right, y'all if you do go to render. Be sure to find myself and Anthony and Nick t there. And we'll be more than happy to say hey and chat for a bit and yeah, whatever you wanna do. Alright, y'all, thank you so much. We love y'all.

Appreciate everything. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, JavaScript and next week be sure to join us because we will be live. At render ATL with several speakers from render. So if you got questions, if you got comments, if you got things you wanna say to the speaker, ask them sure to join.

We love y'all. We'll you next week, can't believe it already in Atlanta. Yeah.

Awesome. Thank y'all. We love you, and we'll see you in the next month. Peace.